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Religion- the religion of the splinter group is similar to all normal rabbit communities. They praise the animal god Frith and worship the folk hero El-ahrairah. He is any unbelievable rabbit who does the impossible. He’s the first of the rabbits to set foot on earth. El-ahrairah, which means "Enemies-Thousand-Prince", was named through his tricks to steal and tricks make his species a better and happier one.

Economics- There isn’t much of an economics system in Watership. It is more of a free enterprise, where anyone can go (freely to go silflay) about and others help one another. Bucks can have any doe, but have to fight for her if there is any opposition. The does make their own burrow but at the creation of Watership Down the bucks worked together to dig burrows. To protect and keep order, Watership has their own Owsla, but isn’t to police the warren and boss around everyone. The movement part of economics takes place when later a new warren between Watership and Efrafa is created, consisting of half watership rabbits and half Efrafa rabbits.

Family - All bucks get a doe and start a family. If there is an argument for a doe, the bucks fight for the doe. When they start they mate and have about 4-5 kittens. Also the doe needs a quiet place to stay when pregnant and caring for young kittens. The doe dig their own burrow in the warren. The bucks bring food to the doe in the burrow. The burrows are also connected to the entire warren. For comfort and entertainment, the buck or doe tell stories of Frith or El-ahrairah.

 Government- The government is a freestanding government where everyone is free to go about except on decisions that effect the entire warren. If there is an idea about or a decisive action that someone want to takes, the Chief Rabbit has to approve of it. Hazel is the Chief Rabbit and has authority, but otherwise the rabbits have the freedom to go wherever near the warren. As most warrens, Watership has an Owsla, which is the strongest rabbits of the warren. I would think that anyone would be aloud in Watership’s Owsla they have freedom and don’t criticize anyone.

Education- The rabbits start out learning in their early ages from all rabbits in the warren. They are told stories of El-ahrairah and ask many questions. Later in life they pretty much learn on their own or when they see something new they ask and elder.


Shining Wire Warren (Cowslip's Warren)



Here is a picture of the top of the Watership Down warren
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