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Religion- Efrafa follows the same religions as the other warrens do. They all follow the same Lapine religion. Once again, Frith is the sun god, with El-Ahrairah being the rabbit prince/hero.

Economics- Efrafa’s economy is run completely by it’s government. They control the amount of rabbits, what the rabbits do, and when they do it. It is very related to the communist government system.

Family- Families in Efrafa are based up what Mark they are in. A Mark is a division of rabbits that belong to a group that all have the same scars on different parts of their body. (For example: The Right Hind Mark)

Government- General Woundwort is the leader, or Chief Rabbit, of the Efrafa warren. He controls everything that happens in the warren. If he does not make a decision, his council of elder rabbits makes decisions for him. The government keeps all of the rabbits under strict rules. They keep the rabbits under control from rebelling by telling them all of their life that there are a lot of horrible enemies beyond the warren that would instantly kill them if they tried to escape.

Education- The rabbits are taught by their parents or foster parents in their Mark. If they are strong or large rabbits, they are educated by their Owsla and General Woundwort to fight and defend their warren.


Shining Wire Warren (Cowslip's Warren)

Watership Down


This is the place in which Bigwig escaped with Blackavar and the does from Efrafa
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