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Religion- Cowslip’s warren believes that that the stories about El-ahrairah and Frith are just fairy tales, stories to keep them entertained. The stones that were shaped like El-ahrairah were just a decoration. They don’t have a true religion.

Economics- Cowslip’s warren is a warren built by humans. The humans harvest these rabbits, but they do not know it. The humans let them have an abundant food supply, and have set up snares all around the warren. Everything in this warren seems free, but it comes with a deadly price.

Family- Cowslip’s warren doesn’t place a lot of importance on family. The does are just there for the sake of breeding, nothing else. There does not seem to be any kittens in the warren. They never notice if a rabbit is missing, either.

Government- Cowslip’s warren does not have a government. They have never had to worry about a Homba

Attacking them because the man will always shoot it with his gun. The man does the same to other animals who could harm the rabbits. Also, they never have to worry about a food shortage either, because they can always get into the man’s garden.

Education- The rabbits are taught that the tales of El-ahrairah are nothing but myths. Also, they never learn about survival because the man takes care of all their problems. These rabbits are ignorant about the outside world.


Watership Down



Here is a picture of the Shining Wire Warren in real life
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