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Chronological Timeline of Ancient Egypt


Neolithic Period, ca. 5450-3850 B.C.

Agriculture and stockbreeding
Increased settledness
Lower Egypt
Fajum A
Upper Egypt
Early Dynastic Period, ca. 3100-2750 B.C.
Spreading of Naqada throughout Egypt
Creation of a united empire

Dynasty 0
Evidence of writing and language
Various kings by known names
1st Dynasty
Organization of Egypt
Foundation of Memphis
Development of Administrative system
Creation of Calendar
12 months, 30 days each
Leftover 5 days used for religious days
Campaign to rule Nubia (south of Egypt)
2nd Dynasty
Trade routes to Palestine
Campaigns to Asia, Nubia, and Libya
Short term partition of Upper and Lower Egypt
Old Kingdom, ca. 2750-2250 B.C.
3rd Dynasty 2707-2639 BC
Progress in writing development
Development of monarchy
Construction of first step pyramid
Made for Djoser (Zoser) by his chief priest, Imhotep
4th Dynasty 2639-2504 BC
Increased importance in Solar religion
Construction of the Great Pyramid in Giza
Cemeteries for officials
Egypt gains control over Nubia
5th Dynasty 2504 - 2347 BC
Construction of pyramids solar shrines, mortuaries, and temples of the sun god
Osiris cult comes into history
Increase in the number of documents and writing
Greater independence of provincial officials
Campaign against Libya
6th Dynasty 2347-2216 BC
Increase in provincial powers
Dissolution of central powers
Final breakdown of administrative and economic structures


First Intermediate Period, ca. 2250-2025 B.C.

Middle Kingdom, ca. 2025-1627/1606 B.C.

Second Intermediate Period, ca. 1648-1539 B.C.


New Kingdom, ca. 1539-1070 B.C.

Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1070-653 B.C.

Late Period, ca. 664-332 B.C.

Ptolemaic Period, ca. 332-30 B.C.

Roman Period, ca. 30 B.C.-A.D. 395